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HemaBlocker™ solution, a hemorrhage blocking preparation, quickly forms a protein network inside plazma or serum. General haemostatic and biochemical tests have shown that the mentioned network is formed via the interaction between HemaBlocker solution and proteins in blood; but primarily via the product’s interaction with fibrinogen. The tests also show that red speheres provide vital aggregation.

The active chemical compounds in HemaBlocker® solution precipitate by affecting the fibrinogen and other proteins in the plasma. Platelets, erythrocytes and other cells in the bleeding zone are also involved in this protein wick formation. Thus, it contributes to the acceleration of natural physiological clotting mechanism. HemaBlocker® provides an effective contribution to the restoration of physiological tissue indirectly as it helps in accelerating the coagulation that starts in the bleeding zone.

HemaBlocker® solution is used as an effective and safe adjunct to block the bleeding in the area where the wound or tissue is damaged.

***The HemaBlocker™ solution can not be injected into vein or blood circulation system
The HemaBlocker® solution is effective and safe in controlling external and teeth hemorrhage of hemophilic and diabetic patients and those using anticoagulant and anti aggregating medications.